Oboe Supplies

Following is a list of all the reed making tools and supplies that will be needed for reed making class.

* = required to own

Other items are recommended as needed.


*"Making Reeds Start to Finish" by Nancy Ambrose King" iBook (Click on the link to purchase on iTunes)
"The Jende Book of Sharpening Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives" by Tom Blodgett
"The Breathing Book for Oboe" by Stephen Caplan


Alliaud Oboe Tube Cane 10-10.5mm (start with 1/2 lb bag)
Le Roseau Chantant Oboe Tube Cane 10-10.5mm (only available in 1/2 kilo bags)

Knives (Choose one of these two brands)

*Landwell OR Jende Double Hollow Ground Reed Knife

Reed Making Supplies

*Hodge Steel Ruler - Metric/Imperial
*Mandrel - Rigotti OR Lorée Oboe Mandrel French-style with Baroque Wood Handle
*Convex Plaque - Pisoni OR Rigotti Ebony Convex Oboe Plaque
*Shaper Tip - Caleb -1 OR Mack +
*Shaper Handle - Adam Shaper Tip Handle
*Cutting Block - Pisoni (either size)
Oboe Staples - Chiarugi 2+, 47mm
Thread - MusEcho Waxed Performance Thread, FF, 220 yds
Leather Tool Case by Wilson (either size)
MusEcho Oboe Family Gauge Ruler (All-in-1 Tool)
Mitutoyo Oboe Dial Indicator
Shapton Ceramic Waterstones - 1500 Grit (Blue) AND 5000 Grit (Pink)
K&M Folding Oboe Stand

Reed Case

20-Reed Oboe Hygrocase by Reeds 'n Stuff
Oboe Reed Case by Harris


LED Desk Lamp
Wilson Reed Soaker
Reed Sealing Tape
Korg TM-60 Combo Tuner Metronome