Oboe Supplies

Following is a list of all the reed making tools and supplies that will be needed for reed making class.

* = required to own

Other items are recommended as needed.


  • Alliaud Oboe Tube Cane 10-10.5mm (start with 1/2 lb bag)
  • Le Roseau Chantant Oboe Tube Cane 10-10.5mm (only available in 1/2 kilo bags)
  • Knives (Choose one of these two brands)

    Reed Making Supplies

    Reed Case

  • 20-Reed Oboe Hygrocase by Reeds 'n Stuff
  • Oboe Reed Case by Harris
  • Accessories

  • LED Desk Lamp
  • Wilson Reed Soaker
  • Reed Sealing Tape
  • Korg TM-60 Combo Tuner Metronome