Oboe Tools and Accessories

Following is a list of all the reed making tools and supplies that will be needed. * required to own.

  • *Cane: You'll progress from purchasing processed cane to tube cane. Start by ordering 20-30 pieces of shaped cane. Select the 10.5-11mm diameter and the Pfeiffer/Mack shape.
  • *Knife: You'll need at least one to start but, as you progress, you may want to invest in a second.
  • *Plaque - Rigotti Blued Flat Plaque with Pointed Ends (Order 2 to start; they're easily lost!)
  • *Staples: You'll need 10-20, but you may want to start with a couple varieties to make sure they fit in your particular oboe reed well. Choose from the following.
  • *Mandrel - Chiarugi 2 regular or French-style with Baroque wood handle.
  • *Cutting Block - Pisoni (either size)
  • *6 Inch Ruler - Hodge Metric/Imperial
  • *Thread - Nylon Thread, FF - Choose one or more colors from either brand.
  • *Beeswax
  • *Razor Blades - Stanley Brand
  • *Sharpening Stone