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In creating this list, I've done my very best to balance value and cost, and have only listed essential items for the care of your instrument.

  • Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swabs, Performer's Black Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swabs

    Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swab

    The Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swab The silk bassoon bocal swabs are designed to be pulled all the way through the bocal.  There is an extra cord attached to the wide end of the swab as a safety feature so that if the swab were to become stuck, it...

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  • Hodge Silk Bassoon Swab, Burgundy Hodge Silk Bassoon Swab

    Hodge Silk Bassoon Swab

    The Hodge Silk Bassoon Swab The bassoon swab can clean both the boot joint and the wing joint. Only one swab is needed to go through the entire body of the instrument. The Qualities of Silk All Hodge silk swabs are made from 100% silk and come in...

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  • Nye Clock Oil

    Oil - Nye Clock Oil (30 ml)

    Nye Clock Oil Nye Clock Oil is ideal for oiling keys because it is made for the fine mechanism of a clock. It is a very fine oil and will not gunk up the keys. It comes in a 30 ml plastic vial that contains 1 oz of oil.

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