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Samson +1 Oboe Shaper Tip - used

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Samson+1 (Used)
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Adam Oboe Shaper Tips


The throat and belly are similar to the Joshua, but the chimney is flared very slightly. The manufacturing method was as described below but this particular tip was manufactured by David Morley in Canada when he still owned Adam Shaper Tips which makes it at least 7 years old. According to the owner, it was barely used. 


Manufacturing Method

Traditional shaper tip manufacturing requires shaper tips to be heated to harden the metal after they’ve been formed. This process changes the size of the finished tip, introducing a ±0.05mm margin of error in either direction.

Adam shaper tips are created using a Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine). Because the steel is hardened prior to cutting, accuracy is improved to an error margin of only ±0.001mm. This technology also allows us to use harder steel, crafting shaper tips with a significantly longer life.

The tradeoff for the superior quality of these tips is the increase in cost. Wire EDMs are tremendously costly machines, extremely expensive to run and maintain, slow in manufacturing, and there are few qualified expert machinists available to operate them. We believe that the exceedingly high precision, consistency, durability, and increased lifespan of the shaper tips produced by Wire EDMs are worth the investment.

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