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Bassoon Reeds

We have a large selection of professional bassoon reed makers from the U.S. and Europe. Their reeds represent a number of different styles of reed-making for you to try and see what works for you. Each reed is described in depth in each listing. We also recommend that you read our Bassoon Reed Blog Post comparing all the different reeds in easy-to-read charts and descriptions.

All our bassoon reed makers sanitize their reeds before sending them. It can also be assumed that there has been quite enough time between when the reed maker last played on the reed and when the customer gets it since they are shipped to our shop first and then shipped to the customer's home.

On another note, bassoon reeds are susceptible to changes in humidity and pressure, as other reeds are, but they should still work. If the weather is really rainy or changing drastically when you receive your reeds, do not try to make the reed work until the weather calms down. Reeds made or adjusted during bad weather may not work as well, but often improve when the weather returns to normal. (Advice from reed maker David Brundage.)

  • Légère Synthetic Bassoon Reed - Medium Légère Synthetic Bassoon Reed

    Légère Synthetic Pro Bassoon Reed

    Légère Synthetic Pro Bassoon Reed Description Like Légère single reeds, their bassoon reeds have all the depth and warmth that elite players demand. Because they are made from their specially prepared synthetic...

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