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  • Rieger Bassoon and Contrabassoon Shaper Handle Rieger Bassoon Shaper Combination (Tip plus Handle attached)

    Rieger Bassoon Shaper Handle

    Bassoon Shaper Handle by Georg Rieger The Rieger Bassoon Shaper Handle works in combination with any of the Rieger Shaper Tips for Bassoon or Contrabassoon to shape your cane for your reed-making needs. The handle is designed as one functioning body,...

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  • Rieger 1A Bassoon Shaper Tip

    Rieger Bassoon Shaper Tips

    Bassoon Shaper Tips by Georg Rieger The Rieger Bassoon Shaper Tips are used in combination with the Rieger Bassoon/Contrabassoon Shaper Handle. Made of hardened steel, the shaper tip has a protrusion end which is inserted into the shaper handle (which...

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