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Thread, Heat Shrink Tubing, Hot Glue

Oboe reeds are wrapped (and held together) with FF nylon thread. We have dozens of color options and two different brands available (LC and GBS). Bassoonists also use this kind of thread.

Bassoonists have many options for wrapping or sealing their reeds. At this time, we have all the options we've heard about available here. In addition to the FF nylon thread, we also have #2 nylon thread which is a little thicker than FF. For those who prefer cotton thread, we have #10 size which is about the same as the FF nylon in thickness. Other options include heat shrink tubing and hot glue. Both have a number of color options. And you can even find the tools for applying the heat shrink tubing (a heat gun) and the hot glue (a hot glue gun).