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  • Beeswax - 1 oz block Beeswax - 1 oz block


    Beeswax 1 oz bar measures 3" x 1" x 3/4" - Beeswax is used to seal the nylon string used to tie around reeds.   This beeswax comes from wax cappings from beehives. It is filtered twice so it is ready to use in any application where...

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  • Duco Cement Duco Cement

    Duco Cement

    Duco Cement This is the traditional cement for sealing bassoon reeds wrapped in thread. It iw well known for many other applications but here at Hodge Products, we focus on its use with bassoon reeds.

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  • Fishskin


    Fishskin Fishskin is used for sealing leaks in oboe reeds. Cut a small piece off with a razor blade or scissors and wrap it around the bottom half of the cane part of the reed, just above the thread.  

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  • Reed Sealing Tape

    Reed Sealing Tape

    Reed Sealing Tape Tape to seal pipes, a small piece of this tape works as well as fish skin to seal your leaking reed without the tendency to slip off.

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