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ProReady Bassoon Reed, Regular (Medium)

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ProReady Bassoon Reed, Regular (Medium)



Professional quality, Ready to play. Projects well.

Hertzberg shape and profile.

“Regular” for normal needs.

Each piece hardness-tested for optimum resistance and responsiveness.

Sealed with opal glitter hotmelt- no string to unravel.

Lasts twice as long as many other reeds.

Played and adjusted three times before sterilizing and packaging.

Individually numbered for your tracking.

Length= 57 mm, tip width= 15 mm

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David Colborn

David Colborn, reed maker, is a retired chemical engineer. Now he is a free-lance bassoonist and teacher in the San Diego area. He has applied his engineering mind and bassoon experience to develop ProReadyReeds. His reeds are very consistent. From reed to reed they have an overall great sound and an even scale. With a slightly medium thin profile, these reeds have a fast articulation and easy response. They have a medium amount of buzz for liveliness and projection without being buzzy in tone color. This combination of factors yields a reed with a great core sound, but with plenty of overtones, and a rich sound across the bassoon’s range.

These reeds are not listed as student reeds, and they are certainly capable of more, but with a medium soft to medium hardness, these reeds can be very effectively used by students even in the beginning stages, while many professionals could be quite comfortable playing them, along with everyone in between. Heartily recommended for all, especially if you like a free-blowing reed. Give them a try!

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Please note that we do not accept returns on reeds or cane unless damaged on arrival.

Reviews (1)

Fine Professional Bassoon Reed

Written by Gene Carter, formerly of Linden Reeds on Dec 29th 2015

I recently resumed playing bassoon after several years of only oboe and English horn playing and found myself in need of reeds. For me, these reeds are excellent in every respect. Played beautifully right out of the box, so to speak, with only a minor tweak to the wires. First rate, extremely well made reeds.

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