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Pastiche Professional Oboe Reeds


Pastiche reeds are the most consistent cane reeds I’ve ever tried, especially the medium hard. The tone can be described as warm and dark across the board. The main difference between the medium and MH is in the opening. The mediums are naturally less open and respond more easily and are easier to blow but they have the same warm, dark, full tone as the MH. The MH are more open and stiff and a wonderful reed for the player with a strong embouchure that likes to hold tightly to the reed and have some resistance to their blowing and yet have the reed stay open and full.

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About the reedmaker

This reedmaker, Paul James, has held positions with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Mexican National Orchestra, Fort Wayne Philharmonic and toured as English Horn player with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has played at the Edinburgh, Spoleto and Ravello (Amalfi Coast) music festivals. His teachers include Marc Lifschey, Alfred Genovese, and Jay Light.

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Reviews (1)

A little resistant

Written by Emma Bagby on Dec 2nd 2018

I got a few of these reeds about 2 weeks ago and found them to be really open and resistant. I ordered mediums but they seem to play more like a medium hard. After a little tweaking they performed better but the cane seemed to almost grow back on. Even with them being a little resistant the tone was good. Would suggest these to more experienced players willing to take time and tweak the reed.

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