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Metronomes and Tuners

  • Korg MA-2 Metronome

    Metronome - Korg MA-2

    Korg MA-2 Metronome Now even easier to see and hear.The MA-2 is the new must-have metronome for orchestral instruments. The MA-1, a compact card-type electronic metronome, has been further improved. The MA-2 is an indispensable unit for rhythm...

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    FZone FT-2000W Woodwind Clip-on Tuner FZone FT-2000W Woodwind Clip-on Tuner

    Tuner - FZone Woodwind Clip-on Tuner

    FZone Woodwind Clip-on Tuner This clip-on tuner "feels" the vibrations from the oboe instead of "hearing" the sound through a microphone and works great while playing in a group. It clamps to the end of the bell and the display can be turned...

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  • Korg CA-2 Tuner

    Tuner - Korg CA-2

    Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner The meter scale of the CA-2 includes markings to indicate pure major and minor thirds relative to a specified pitch. Simply by tuning your instrument to these markings, you can perform beautiful, pure harmonies when playing in...

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  • Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner Front View Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner Side Vew

    Tuner - Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner

    Korg OT-120 Orchestral Tuner The OT-120 is a chromatic tuner intended for the orchestra, packaging high performance and sophisticated functionality in a vertical design that's easy to hold and operate. It features a dual-display, an easy-to-see...

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