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ReedGeeks and Other Cutting Tools

  • Aluminum Hobby Knife Handle (BLADE NOT INCLUDED)

    Aluminum Hobby Knife Handle

    The aluminum hobby handle can be used with No. 10, 11, 16, & 17 Hobby Blades. Don't forget to get your No. 11 Hobby Blades to score your cane. The four jaw machined chuck keeps the blade steady and centered and allows for quick blade replacement...

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  • ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4

    ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4

    ReedGeek "Black Diamond" G4 The Black Diamond G4 utilizes unique, state of the art, 100% USA alloy. Exciting features include a newly designed length, a refined “pencil eraser” radius tip and a comfortable rounded back scraper which offers...

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  • ReedGeek "Classic" ReedGeek "Classic"

    ReedGeek "Classic"

    ReedGeek "Classic" The original ReedGeek, like all ReedGeeks, is manufactured 100% from scratch, made of the highest quality USA hard alloy. The ReedGeek “Classic” implements their medical grade, corrosion-resistant, edge-retention process...

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  • ReedGeek "The Edge"

    ReedGeek "The Edge"

    ReedGeek "The Edge" Limited Edition: ReedGeek "The Edge" This revolutionary ‘Geek tip provides the reed worker unique scraping edges and bevels that provide a very direct cut and remove cane both rapidly and smoothly without chatter. It is...

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  • ReedGeek "Universal" Special ZR

    ReedGeek "Universal" Special ZR

    ReedGeek "Universal" Special ZR Great for both single and double reed players! Includes deluxe ReedGeek® neoprene bag with sewn-in micro-fiber cleaning cloth and removable Stainless Steel Handle. Features their most advanced wear alloy!

    MSRP: $105.00
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  • ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen2 Set ReedGeek DoubleGeek with steel handle

    ReedGeek DoubleGeek Gen2 Full Set

    ReedGeek “DoubleGeek” Gen2 Focused on the needs of the double reed player, but useful to anyone. In addition to the wildly successful Universal tool’s features, which include four crisp planing edges, two rail adjustors, the...

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  • Stanley Razor Blades, 100 pack Stanley Razor Blades, single blade in profile

    Stanley Razor Blades, 10 or 100 pack

    Stanley Razor Blades These are great razor blades for shaping cane, clipping reed tips, scoring bassoon reeds, or anything else you need a sharp cutting edge for. Stanley blades stayed sharp longer than any other blades we have tried other than GEM and...

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