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Good Tone Guild Rookie Oboe Reeds

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Good Tone Guild Rookie Oboe Reeds


Good Tone Guild Rookie Oboe Reeds were originally designed by Meg Cassell. These reeds are now made to Meg's specifications by Advantage USA. They come in medium soft, medium, and medium hard. They are a great beginner reed with a warm, dark tone.

The MS and medium tend to be very easy and tend toward buzziness. They still have a dark tone, though. Overall, they tend to be too open and flat when starting out. That can be remedied by squeezing the reed shut and closing it down quite a bit after soaking which also helps with stability. The mediums are the most consistent from reed to reed. However, if you’re looking for a very easy beginner reed, you are more likely to find that in the MS. Overall, these reeds have a good tone for a student beginner reed. They just need to be squeezed shut before playing (after soaking) to make the opening smaller.

Read a comparison of all our reed options in our oboe reed blog. "Student to Professional Oboe Reeds: "Which oboe reed should I buy?".

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Reviews (1)


Written by anonymous on May 17th 2017

I discovered Good Tone reeds a couple of years ago and was pleased with their quality and performance. Lately only one reed worked as expected. The others feel rough, unfinished. I have to adjust them more than once, and still they do not perform well.

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