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Oboe Cane

The tube cane is sold by the 1/2 pound bag. We personally sort it in bags of 10-10.5mm diameter and 10.5-11mm diameter. Please indicate which diameter you want for tube cane, gouged cane, or shaped cane in your order. All the cane is individually gouged on a Hodge Products/Reeds 'n Stuff gouging machine, custom modified to our specifications, at approximately .60mm in the center and .45mm on the sides. (This gouging machine is available for sale on our website.) Pisoni is the hardest of the cane we offer with Alliaud right behind. Ghys is on the softer side. Gonzalez is a very dense cane from Argentina, making reeds with a very focused sound. Rigotti is a medium hardness. Le Roseau Chantant has cane available in both the medium hardness and the medium hard. (This cane is only available gouged by Le Roseau Chantant.) All shaped cane is hand shaped by Hodge Products, Inc. in our shop.

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