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Bassoon Cane

  • Glotin Bassoon Tube Cane, 24-25 mm, 1 lb

    Glotin Bassoon Tube Cane, 24-25 mm, by the 1-pound bag Glotin Bassoon Tube Cane, grown in the Var region of France, is now available at Hodge Products! A medium to medium-hard density bassoon cane, the tubes are a beautiful golden color and produce...

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  • Glotin Gouged Bassoon Cane

    Glotin Gouged Bassoon Cane

    120mm length. Sold by the piece. The high premium quality raw material ARUNDO DONAX comes from the South of France (Fréjus-Var) where the company Glotin grows its own cane. The cane is grown for two years and is well kept, according to the...

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