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Bell Barrier Musician's Mask - Veil Style

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The Bell Barrier Wind Instrument Veil-style Performance face masks have a clear opening around the mouth so the reed can be inserted. After the reed is inserted in the mouth, the veil can come down over it. Unlike other performance masks, the Bell Barrier performance face masks cover the opening, offering an extra layer of protection and a comfortable and uniform look. Their masks are also one-size-fits-all with adjustable tabs on the ear loops, further separating them from the competition.


"Although the idea of this mask is good, there are some inherent problems with any face mask while playing an instrument, especially a double reed instrument. The biggest issue for a double reed player is that you can't see the reed as you're putting it into your mouth. The chance of a reed in the teeth or chin is quite high. I recommend sticking your tongue out far and carefully laying the reed on it to draw it into your mouth. That is the normally recommended safe way to put a reed in the mouth anyway, but you usually don't have to stick out your tongue as far as I'm recommending. Once in, I recommend leaving it there even when not playing. For the oboist or clarinetist, the bell can be rested on your knee while leaving your reed resting in your mouth. That will mitigate reed disasters and make you more ready to play when it's time." - Ann Hodge

For more information, read our Playing It Safe blog post.

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not good

Written by Nun Ya on May 14th 2021

Perfect for the CovIdiot!

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