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All Thumbs REST

All Thumbs REST takes advantage of body mechanics to distribute the weight of your instrument across your arm, rather than putting pressure on a single point. Cushioned with the same padding as your favorite sneakers, this thumb rest relieves stress on your wrist, forearm, and elbow, allowing a more relaxed playing position. It&#39s also ideal for stabilizing double-jointed thumbs.

While other devices require installation by a repair person, All Thumbs REST attaches to your instrument with self-adhesive Velcro (included), allowing do-it-yourself installation in seconds, with no permanent alterations to your instrument.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for All Thumbs Rest.

Q: How does All Thumbs REST work?

A: All Thumbs REST relieves pressure on your hand, wrist, and arm. It does this by increasing the

surface area of the thumbrest and preventing the thumb from bending.

While a factory thumbrest puts all the weight of your instrument on a single point, All Thumbs REST

spreads the weight of the instrument across the whole thumb, which in turn spreads the weight across the

whole forearm. Under these conditions, no particular joint or tendon is unduly stressed.

Q: What does “REST” stand for?

A: Relief from the Exertion of Sore Tendons

Q: Who can benefit from All Thumbs REST?

A: Anyone who experiences discomfort while playing an instrument in the oboe or clarinet family

may get relief by using All Thumbs REST. Symptoms commonly alleviated include: sore hands, tendonitis,

carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and general fatigue of the hands and arms.

Those with double-jointed thumbs and/or difficulty moving the ring and pinkie fingers effectively

may also find that All Thumbs REST aids in proper hand position.

Q: If I am already being treated for hand/wrist/arm issues, how does All Thumbs REST fit in?

A: No device is a cure-all, but All Thumbs REST can allow you to continue playing and help prevent

further injury while you are recovering.

Q: Can I use All Thumbs REST with other support devices?

A: Generally, yes. All Thumbs REST is compatible with adjustable instrument thumbrests, Dutch

thumbrests, FHRED, end pins, WRIST, splint rings, wrist or arm braces, and neck straps that have hooks. This

list is by no means exhaustive.

All Thumbs REST is not compatible with the Kooiman thumbrest, and can be awkward with neck

straps that use leather tabs, instead of hooks.

Q: Will All Thumbs REST change how my instrument fits in its case?

A: No. All Thumbs REST pulls off for storage, so it can be stored anywhere. Your instrument will fit in

its case normally.


Q: Do I need a professional to install or setup my All Thumbs REST?

A: No. All Thumbs REST attaches with self-stick Velcro. You can install it yourself in seconds.

Q: What if the Velcro dot is bigger than my instrument’s thumbrest?

A: We have chosen this size Velcro to fit a wide variety of instrument makes and models. You can trim

the Velcro with scissors, or you can wrap the edges over the top of your instrument’s thumbrest for added


Q: How do I remove All Thumbs REST?

A: To remove for storage, simply pull All Thumbs REST downward from the instrument thumbr

Reviews (1)

Seems like a good idea

Written by anonymous on May 28th 2018

All Thumbs REST seems like a good idea but, as it turns out, it feels awkward. I don’t think I’ll find it useful.

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